Famous contemporary Chinese sculptor Qu Guangci was born in Shanghai in 1969 and received his MFA from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department. Since 1999, Qu has been invited to exhibit his works around the world, including China, Germany, France, the United States and throughout Southeast Asia. To date, he has held nine solo exhibitions. He resigned from his university teaching position in 2007 to found X+Q Sculpture Studio, together with his wife Xiang Jing. He established the art brand X+Q Art in 2010, and now currently lives and works in Beijing.

As the youngest artist to win the grand prize at the National Fine Arts Exhibition, Qu Guangci became renowned throughout the art world for his sculpting techniques. He has attracted widespread attention for his contemporary sculpture language and his post-political expression techniques, and is most famous for his Little Fatty series.

Qu's work often presents a dual nature, providing infinite space for viewer's interpretation. Many of his works present a balanced state between humanity and divinity. They are neither angels nor demons, neither conflicted nor hesitant C its significance is a reflection of the current state of affairs in China.

Qu Guangci is one of the most active contemporary Chinese artists in collaborations with other creative disciplines.Guangci has an amazing ability of combining tradition and modern, culture and design, art and commerce, all at the right balance. As the artistic director and founder of X+Q Art, his exceptional personality has provided the design brand with a very unique style, a mixture of art, design and commerce.

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